19 February 2012

In My Mailbox (11)

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Hey everbody!

This week I finally received my 'Blythe Collection Guide Book'! 
It has many beautiful pictures of every Blythe doll manufactured, starting 2001. There were even some Blythe dolls I didn't recognize. 
The only downside is the Japanese... I don't understand why they use English titles but simply write the rest in Japanese... Does anyone know of a simple way to translate this? Like with some smartphone-app?
Also, the book would have been better if there had been something in it about the original 'Kenner' Blythes. Then again, had they written that in Japanese as well, it wouldn't have made any difference to me...

I'm hopelessly behind on my recurring blog-posts ever since I started to become more active again. I'm so tired after my quick-walks my brain stops functioning, LOL. I wanna read because I'm behind with that as well, but again, the brain-mush doesn't co-operate... Ah well, health is more important, and if I want to change my appearance again it's gonna take some effort! Alas... ;)

Did you get anything in your mailbox this week? Share with a link and I'll stop by!

Happy reading! :) 


  1. How cool is that! There are books for your Blythe doll's! Fantastic! Have fun with it :D

    Hugs Mariska

    1. Yup, there are! Actually this is the first Blythe collection book ever made! I have another book and I used to own a book with Blythe pictures which was very vague. Like the pics were taken by someone on drugs, bad, scary and psychedelic... So I sold it ;)


  2. That is pretty cool, sad that it is in Japanese though. At least you can look at the pretty pictures. My friend got me the 1st manga for Sailor Moon when she got back from Japn, I couldn't read a word but I loved all the pretty pictures.

    Happy reading

  3. Hi girl

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    Have a nice sunday.

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