30 April 2012

'In My Mailbox' becomes 'Stacking the Shelves'

Hey everyone! 

Well, I feel like I'm the last one to know about all the recent drama surrounding Kristy @ 'The Story Siren'!
Through a fellow-blogger I heard she was accused of plagiarism and after scrolling through my blog roll, I saw the evidence myself. Like anyone else, I don't condone plagiarism

However, this post is not me attacking anyone, taking sides or stating my opinion on the matter. This post is simply me announcing I'm switching to a different meme for showcasing my book loot :) Because I don't want to join in a meme where nobody else participates anymore. Or where my participation will send off the wrong vibe. 
Because even though I want to remain neutral (the plagiarism did not concern me and I wasn't there so it's not fair for me to judge) I do not like what's going on. Especially since lately there has already been too much drama concerning bloggers/reviewers/authors. 

It's like we've lost track of what really matters: enjoying a good book. And being entitled to our own opinion about it. No matter how harsh that may be sometimes. As long as things don't get personal and we act like civilized human beings there's nothing wrong with voicing an opinion. As longs as it's substantiated and about the book's content, not about the writer's background. But especially, as long as it's our OWN opinion, not someone else's because they happen to voice the way you feel better than you ever could. Deal with it. There'll always be people out there who are better at something than you are. It's called life ;)

Anyways, since I like showing off my book loot and enjoy watching other bloggers loot as well, I'm gonna be participating with 'Stacking the Shelves' over at Tynga's Reviews from now on. I hope you'll follow along!

Oh and... Happy Reading! :)

Because that's what matters ;)


  1. Yes too much drama. I didn't feel comfortable participating in IMM anymore so just started my own weekly haul post. Not sure if anyone will visit but at least it's my own and drama free. I will be visiting stacking the shelves though since a lot of people have switched to it and I like finding new blogs. Hope you like the new meme.

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