6 November 2011

Review: Always a Witch

Always a Witch, by Carolyn MacCullough
Series: Once a Witch, book 2
Genre: YA, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Paranormal, Romance
Published: August 2011
Pages: 288
My Rating: 

I added some spoilers at the end, so be aware...!

I just finished reading 'Always A Witch' (the seqeul to 'Once a Witch' ofcourse) and wrote this review while it was still fresh. I swallowed away the tears that came over me while reading the ending, to share my experience of this story with you.

I do admit I'm very disappointed about this book. So, why do I give it 4 stars then? Because I'm disappointed there aren't any more sequels to this story!!! (Or will there be???)

The author clearly found her voice, because this book read better than the first one. It took just a few chapters before Tamsins adventures began this time. And what an adventure it was! I don't think I disliked anything that happened, I got sucked into the story and wanted to know what was gonna happen next badly. It was such a quick read, an easy story to stick with. I don't mean that negative, it was simple in a way that stops you from being confused as to why things are happening, who's who, what some sideplots or seemingly needless sidetrips have to do with the story.

As in the first book, the lack of description still kind of bugged me, but not so much because the story itself had me too gripped to be bothered with it. The story isn't one that relies on beautiful sentences, but it's okay. Some of the dialogue writing has already improved from book 1, a bit more spice was added. Still the writing is rather simple and basic, nothing too fancy. It is the story itself that gives this book a high score.

I loved Tams trip back into the past (to prevent Alistair Knight from warning his past relatives about what The Greene Family is gonna do to them). The author really involved the reader in what it must have been like to work in a rich household in the late 1800's. (Asides from the strange things happening in the 'Knight' family household, of course. And the fact that Tamsin seems to be able to cope with her new job so easy.)

Tams sense of 'duty' is greatly admired by me, her will to go through this alone because she doesn't want anyone (Gabriel in particular) to get hurt. (Maybe she's just stubborn, who knows...) Even if it means she'll be in more danger, she'll be terribly lonely and does not even know how and IF she will be able to come back to the present. Luckily Gabriel turns up after all.

I love Tamsin, I hate saying goodbye to her so soon already :( I liked all the side characters too, especially Tamsins 'Talented' (and very quirky) relatives, Cook and Jessica.

Little original things I liked: how Tamsins sister Rowena is able to make inanimate objects speak, like the china lions standing next to the fireplace. Unfortunately for Tamsin these china lions tell Rowena exactly what has been said been before, uncovering her sisters plans.

Towards the ending things got very exciting again, the book seemed to read even faster then. (Like in the previous book, I can see this being turned into an amazing movie!) I was soooo curious to see how Tamsin, Gabriel and Isobel, as well as Tams other relatives, were gonna fix things. They had some close calls. It had me very worried their future still wasn't safe after intervening (Gabriel couldn't 'Find' their relatives in the future, his gift being able to 'Find' any lost object. Next to being able to Travel in Time, obviously.)

When they finally figured out how to stop the Knight Family, I was still shocked about what Tamsin did at the last minute. But it made sense. No matter how heartbreaking it was. Such a sad, and yet at the same time happy ending.

Also I have to share my love for the cover, I seriously adore it! I loved this book. I want more. I seriously recommend this book! Go read it NOW!


At Tams realisation that she had lost her Talent forever, it being locked inside the Domani to guard the Knights Talents, was killing me. Even if she did know it would happen. I cried along with Tamsin for loosing her precious gift, for giving up her gift as a sacrifice to save her entire family. Once Gabriel and Tamsin had returned to their Family home, everything still intact, everyone still alive, I felt happy. Even more glad that Tamsins life hadn't changed at all. She still had Agatha as her roommate and friend, she might be able to get into Stanford, her sister was still about to be married. She might have lost her Talent, she still has the life she always had, the life in which she assumed she had no Talent at all. No wonder Grandma raised her into believing she had no Talent, somehow she foresaw there would come a time Tamsin actually *would* be without a Talent.

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