6 November 2011

Review: Kissed by an Angel

Kissed by an Angel (trilogy), by Elizabeth Chandler
Series: Kissed by an Angel, book 1-3 of 5
Genre: YA, Mystery, Paranormal, Romance
Published: August 1998
Pages: 690
My Rating:

The plot of this book is what attracted me. Ivy falls in love, but when her boyfriend dies in a car-crash (the same car crash Ivy survives) she's left behind. Or is she? Tristan finds himself being an angel and tries to get through to Ivy. Which is very hard because she's given up on angels when Tristan died, after once being a firm believer. Tristan believes Ivy is in terrible danger so he needs to get through to her desperately.

The book was an easy read, a page-turner in the sense of simplicity. The characters were a bit shallow, feelings not entirely believable conveyed. Some parts dragged on too long. Especially towards the ending. I had to force myself to continue reading, hoping the plot would finally reveil itself. Because as a reader I knew what danger Ivy was in, and eventhough I understood that danger couldn't be dealt with another way, I was almost desperate for it to end. It took a bit too long even if it did turn more dark and creepy towards the end. The things that happened then weren't that original, and I didn't sympathize enough with the characters to really feel their pain.

There were some humorous side aspects in the shape of Tristan's little helper who uses her powers to... confuse people.

Even if the plot idea sounded original to me, it felt like something I have seen/read before already. The story had a murder-mystery feel to it, somehow not what I expected. It was a nice book to read, but average. I already own its sequel, 'Evercrossed' but I'm not in any hurry to read it...

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