25 November 2011

In My Mailbox! (1)

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Sooo, here's my first (but certainly not last!) post about which book-related (self-paid) 'prezzies' the mailman brought me last week!

'The Space Betweenby Brenna Yovanoff
'Mercy', 'Exile' & 'Muse' by Rebecca Lim
'Inkheart', 'Inkspell' & 'Inkdeath' by Cornelia Funke

When the 'Inkheart' movie was on TV again last week, I was smitten with it once more. The concept of a world where all kinds of characters from all sorts of books live together in perfect disharmony is very original. The whole idea has much potential. So, I finally decided to order the trilogy in order to find out what happened to all the characters... 

I have been wondering about reading the 'Golden Compass' books also, because I enjoyed the movie very much!

Did you read some of these books already, or are you dying to? Did you see the movie 'Inkheart' and/or 'The Golden Compass' already? In general, how do you feel about books turned into movies/TV-shows? You're welcome to share your thoughts on the subject with me!

Have a good weekend! :)


  1. Am enjoying your book reviews and those dolls are the cutest

  2. Thanx so much for letting me know I'm not the only one who actually reads my blog... :P

    And you're so right about the dolls, I am in love with them big time :)


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