27 January 2012

Feature & Follow Friday (1)

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This week's Feature: Fiction Fervor

Which book genre do you avoid at all costs and why?

'Avoiding at all costs' is an overstatement when it comes to my reading. Because I may not be inclined to a certain genre at first, my outlook may change after having read a good book in said genre. For example, I didn't expect to like dystopian novels as much as I do!

But I do tend stay away from chick flicks. I'm not interested in reading those perky, superficial books. 
On the other hand, I stay clear from books which are too heavy and intense as well. Real thrillers are not my thing either.

Books about war, biographies: I have read some in the past of course, but right now I choose not to. I do think everyone should read some of those books, though. It's important to know history.

However, I read to escape, which is why I prefer fantasy. With some romance. When it comes to sci-fi I prefer mine to be steampunk; other galaxies don't really fancy me. Also I am not attracted to reading about zombies or mermaids at the moment. Then again, that might change...


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