9 January 2012

In My Mailbox (6)

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Hey there,
So, it's time to show you last week's contents of my mailbox again! Honestly, I bought 2 books, and received 1 through mail. I'm not entirely certain whether the 2 Dutch books are available in English as well, I think they're originally Dutch. It's the 'Devil's Diary' and 'Count Dracula's Diary'. Both are witty, sarcastic, full of historical facts, puzzles, etc. I think the 'Devil's Diary' is not meant for very religious people... Because Satan calls God a show-off and such. Kinda disrespectful, but in its own way I think it brings across a lot of biblical and historical knowledge.

'Horseradish' by Lemony Snicket became part of my 'want' list when I read some delightful dark quotes from the booklet. I have seen the movie 'Lemony Snicket & A Series of Unfortunate Events' and I love the strangeness, depressing-ness and the dry sarcastic humor. Someday I may read the entire series, until then this book will have to do. Once I've read it, I'll be sure to share some of my fav quotes!

Did you receive any books this week? Do share!
Have a nice day! :)


  1. Three very interesting books you got this week! I like the look of Devil's Diary, if only it was in English! But I also think Horseradish looks intriguing. I have also only seen the film but not read any of the books, I'd be curious about whether it's any good or not!

    Hope you enjoy all your books!

    Here's what I got In My Mailbox this week!


  2. Oh wow I love those books! They look so antique and beautiful!!

    Xpresso Reads


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