1 January 2012

2012 Book Releases I'm looking forward to!

Hey there,

Let me start with: Best Wishes and a Happy, Healthy New Year to you, with plenty of reading time!

What better way to start off the year by sharing a list of the upcoming reads I'm excited about?! Some debuts reads are on my list, as well as some sequels I cannot wait to embrace and devour! I've pre-ordered all of these beauties already!
(Initially 'Hallowed' by Cynthia Hand was on this list as well, but since that was released early ( December 2011) it's already waiting for me at home. Yay!)


What releases are you looking forward to? Drop me a line and share your thoughts with me!
~Have a good first day of 2012 :)


  1. Oh maaaaan, SOO excited for Pandemonium! Especially with that torturous ending *bites nails* Also excited for Scartet, Fallen in Love and Rapture. Hoping Rapture will be an EPIC finale showdown :D

    My most anticipated is probably Insurgent by Veronica Roth (LOVED Divergent), The Golden Lily, the sequels to The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer an Daughter of Smoke and Bone. Plus practically every debut novel you could list!

    Awesome post! :D

  2. Thanx Brodie! Love your name, btw, and I ADORE your blog!
    I know how you feel about 'Pandemonium', that ending was soooo crappy and it made tears well up inside of me. What's the point of her escape?

    And yes, I expect 'Rapture' to be nothing less than epic as well!!!

    I haven't read 'Divergent' but I may, some day... Oh and I already have 'Daughter of Smoke and Bone' at home, will read it this year, hopefully! ;)

  3. Oh I have sooo many books I am dying to read in 2012. I agree with Brodie about Insurgent and The Golden Lily. They are possibly my most anticipated. I had a chance to read Scarlet just this past week actually and it was amazing! Epic! The moment I finished reading I actually pre-ordered it! So I'm very much anticipating RE-READING it as soon as it comes out!

  4. Oohh, I'm so jealous you read Scarlet already!!! Glad to hear it's EPIC though! Did you an early review already? *Gonna check your blog...*


You're amazing, thanx for your input! :)